How to Change Your Career and Do the Work You Really Love: A Step by Step Plan for Making It Happen

Contains an interview with Dawn Abraham and conversations with other real world professionals who have managed start living and working the lives they have always wanted, you will learn the ins and outs of finding a career that will make you truly happy, while maintaining your current quality of life. This book will help you start working towards a rewarding career in a field you love.

Dawn Abraham
Life Coach

Choose Success: Ignite the Power Within

Pat Altvater reveals how you can leave struggle behind and transform mindsets, such as perfectionism, lack and limitation, and instant gratification, to easily manifest your desires. She introduces a proven 5-step model for creating success called the Conscious Transformation Process™.

This inspirational, yet easy to read book, includes many written exercises, strategies, and tools to help you gain clarity and attract the outcomes that you desire.

Everything in your life is your CHOICE! Choose today to ignite your inner power and transform your life forever.

Patricia Altvater
Author, Speaker and Coach for
Women Entrepreneurs

"SOAR! with Resilience™ the Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success"

Eileen Lichtenstein takes you through her personal journey of accomplishment while showing how you too can achieve the same peace and balance she has achieved in her own life.

Eileen Lichtenstein
Peak Performance Life & Career Success Coach
Stress and Anger Management Specialist

The Light of My Soul - Poetry

The Light of My Soul ( La Luz de Mi Alma), has been created from different inspirations and challengings throughout my spiritual path. This book is dedicated to those souls, who are looking for a deeper meaning of being and a connection to the Source.

Gabriela Falcon
Reiki Master

Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young!

Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young! Jackie lets you in on all her tips, tricks and secret weapons for stopping the effects of aging and improving the whole self - mind, body and spirit.

Jackie Silver
Health and Wellness

Exeptional People Magazine

Exceptional People Magazine brings you extraordinary opportunities to help change your life through articles that contain real life stories about personal triumph, personal and business success and news and advice on health, careers, family, relationships and more.

Monica Davis

The Feel Good Guide To Prosperity

Prosperity isn't something that's available to just a few people. It's available to everyone, and it's available right now. The principles Eva writes about aren't new. But, she writes about them in a way that is clear, fun, and accessible to anyone. In The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity, you will be shown simple explanations and numerous examples of exactly how you can apply these principles in your own life, regardless of your current situation!

Eva Gregory
Law of Attraction

Unlocking Minds to Create New Realities.
Imagine It ! Feel It! Live The Dream! CD's

What is the greatest goal you can imagine yourself achieving? Melissa Zollo provides the tools for those who want to make a change. These CD programs show you how to activate your Imagination and apply the Imaginal Dynamic & the Laws of Attraction at your pace at home, or when traveling.

Melissa Zollo
Law of Attraction

Celebrate Life - A Simple Do-It-Yourself Guide To Performing Ceremonies At Home

Add A Spiritual Dimension To Lifes Meaningful Moments With These Simple Ceremonies You Can Do Anywhere or Any Time

Ceremonies can be a powerful tool for marking any important moment in your life. And it does NOT have to be large-scale and expensive. You can perform private, intimate ceremonies just for yourself and close family and friends.

Nancy Miiller
Inner Peace Spiritual Coach

Cowboy Wisdom's $10,000,000 Meditation

The Ten Million Dollar Meditation: Are you willing to open your mind to accepting your ten million dollars? Listen to this CD to engage in the journey.

Cowboy Wisdom and my desired mission is to expand people and you out of their societal conditioning into a paradigms where they open out and expand into their desire life. Cowboy Wisdom expands you into wealth and success by using my life experiences as a short cut to your expanding wisdom to life your desired life now.

Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom Common Sense Coaching

The Energy Gurus Kundalini Yoga: Awakening Intuition for Women

This series is for all women who wish to rediscover the power of living in an intuitive place and having the support to know how to get back there.

Our intuition is our link to the source of all creativity. Becoming disconnected from this amazing gift can be one of our most devastating losses; Disconnection from our intuition is the loss of the inner voice of our soul. This is why master teacher Gurutej Kaur shares these Kundalini Yoga Techniques given to women by Yogi Bhajan. The lessons in this DVD are presented to you to awaken and maintain that power which is ours and acquire the clarity and strength necessary to live our very full, very complex lives to their fullest.

Gurutej delivers these supportive exercises, breathing tips and mantras with a depth that can inspire you to live in this intuitive state. This DVD also includes a bonus section with food and meditation tips.
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Gurutej Kaur
Yoga and Meditation Master

Love from Both Sides: A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality

For anyone who hasn't read "Love From Both Sides," after my husband, died in my arms and then "came back" to me from the "In Between," I connected with my own over soul (Barushe, by name) who then informed me that I agreed to essentially be a conduit for information. All I would have to do was to "take dictation." At the time, I was so exhausted, and completely sure I was going crazy anyway, I thought, Okay? Why not? 

Stephanie Riseley
Hypnotherapy Author

Delicious Books for strong, bold, fearless women of all ages, who have a sense of humor, zest for life and the courage to embrace their true self.

You are your own best friend. And as such you have to love yourself, support yourself and your dreams. To discover what is best for you and to give yourself what you need most. To forget about the failure of the past, to create comfort and joy in the present and to make the future turn out exactly the way you want to. You owe it to yourself. You are your own refuge, the pillar of your own life. You are awesome. And that is why you deserve nothing less than the most awesome life. Find time for yourself; switch off your cell, your computer and the worries in your head. Read these books, have fun, laugh, be moved, cry. But more than anything, love yourself. Because you are Delicious. The most delicious girl in the world.

Barb Knobova PhD
Self Love Coaching