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To help individuals and couples find the way to peace, harmony, abundance and sanity in sufficient numbers such that their awakening ripples out and transforms the entire world in the most profound and positive way.

Relationship Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Life Coaching. In a group setting or one-on-one.

Those seeking affordable relationship help and long term solutions for all relationship issues.

I shake my head and laugh when I read about others who think that having a 20 year relationship with one person makes them uniquely qualified to give relationship advice. I have known many people with 20 year relationships who have only tolerated their partners. Perhaps it is nice for them that their life worked out so smoothly but it is not necessary to have had such longevity in a single relationship to be skilled in relationships or in giving useful advice.

I am not someone with 20 years of longevity in a single relationship! HOWEVER…I am someone who has had many relationships…good and bad…and I have learned from each and every one of them. Sometimes life circumstances ends your relationships before they would have ended otherwise.

I live what I teach! I know others who also live by the same principals and understandings. We all experience the same sort of life…a life that others are envious and jealous of.

The Ultimate Guide to Relationship Healing will teach you these 7 essential skills, while the Relationship Healing Group will reinforce those teachings and take them deeper such that you can master these essential life skills...

1. How to be happy whether you are alone or with another person.
2. How to attract genuine, capable, reliable and loving people.
3. How to read your partner’s true intentions.
4. How to have excess energy to offer to others.
5. How to have healthy self esteem.
6. How to communicate effectively without arguing.
7. How to stop doing the one thing that everybody does that pushes people away.

Try this program for 60 days knowing that if it does not help you then you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

“I did, indeed, find a great deal of healing information in The Ultimate Guide to Relationship Healing. The information about self-confidence, breakups, and healing were all very beneficial in helping me in my own healing process from a recent breakup. I can now honestly see that the breakup wasn't the devastating tragedy I thought it was; but instead, it was simply one more step toward finding my ultimate relationship experience. Thank you for showing me that the tools for healing and happiness are within me.”
~ Jana F.
Katy, TX

“Wow Michael. I love it when someone is able to give encouragement and enlightenment the way you have done here. VERY positive. Thank you so much. There are so many points that you made that just stung me into reality!”
~ Munga

“This is wonderful advice for anyone. Especially myself, because I am working on just this sort of thing in my life now. While most of the time I am cool and collected, I sometimes do react to situations with anger. I have begun to try and stay mindful and think, ‘I am approaching the point in this situation where I am beginning to feel anger. Stop. Breathe. Do not react from that place. Instead, react out of love and compassion.’
“I am not there yet. But I am making progress. And each step I take is a blessing in and of itself."
~ Jason KB

... Read more testimonials at relationshipadvicesite.com ...

Online: relationshipadvicesite.com
Email: Michael@gr8Wisdom.com
Phone: (425) 896-8313

Michael Skowronski is a mystic and a scientist, a healer and a software engineer and a great deal more. Michael has experienced life in the outer world on a grand scale as an adventurer and thrill-seeker. Yet it is his passion for tackling the complexities of the inner world and our relationships with others that has brought so much wisdom into his life.

Michael has loved and lost, been in high demand and fired from jobs, been well respected and thoroughly humiliated, all in all he is just like everybody else…except, that Michael has been paying attention where the average person does not.

Michael says, “Life is training us, evolving us. These traumatic events that occur in our life can make us bitter and miserable or they can help us to become an open hearted human being who has a great deal of compassion for humanity. I have experience with both bitterness and compassion. We do have a choice. I certainly don’t like how it feels to be bitter so I ultimately choose compassion.”

Michael is very familiar with the divinity that lives within us all, or as Michael puts it, “the Divinity that We all live within.” Michael has been seeking to discover the true nature of spirituality most deliberately and intensely since 1986. Michael has put into practice many different teachings of ancient masters, some he still practices today, and some techniques have been discarded along the way.

“These techniques do yield results. If they did not I would not waste my time with them. I have experienced many amazing miracles and profound coincidences too numerous to ignore. Best of all they give me a deep sense of self-esteem, peace of mind under all circumstances, relief from all loneliness, and an eternal source of wisdom and abundance.”

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