Jenn Royster - Energy Healing Teacher

Jenn Royster - Energy Healing Teacher

Virginia Beach
United States
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Meditation for the Day: Imagine love energy flowing freely through you to others like water flows freely across the earth. Love energy is healing for you and others that experience love through you.


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“Where the Mind & Body Reconnect” We focus on healing from within. We support you in your journey in life through private or group healing and study. We believe that every soul has a birthright to happiness. We provide the tools and you make the choice.


* Energy Medicine and Healing - by appt. in office, remote and phone

* Learn Energy Healing Self care - tele classes begin Spring 2010

* Spiritual Healing and Self Improvement - by appt. in office or phone

* Spiritual Teacher Offering Guidance and Mentoring - by appt. in office or phone

* Advanced Hypnotherapies - by appt. in office

* Therapeutic & Neuromuscular Massage Therapies -by appt. in office

* Chronic and Acute Pain Management - by appt. in office

* Relaxation Therapies for Stress and Anxiety Management - by appt. in office

* Aromatherapy - in office

* Bach Flower Essence - in office

* Natural Wellness Consulting


* Strengthened Immune system and improve your energy by learning how to replenish your energy and not drain it.

* Build confidence and release old emotional baggage that holds you back

* Live a happy, healthy life making healthier choices that support you


By Appointment Only: Phone 757-392-0414

Online booking available 24 hours a day:

Dr. Jennette Royster, DDIV, BS, NCTMB, is an intuitive energy and spiritual healer, teacher and writer. She holds various degrees and certifications including a Doctor of Divinity and Ordained Interfaith-Spiritual Minister, BS degree in Metaphysics, National Board Certified and Licensed in the State of Virginia to practice massage and is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She received her attunements as a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and Seichim Master in 2003.

Her focus is healing from within and guiding others to find their true path and happiness in life. She is currently a contributing author for Vividlife.me She maintains a Natural Health and Spirituality Blog, and reviews upcoming book releases for Hay House, Inc. on her blog.

She is the founding owner of The BodyZone Natural Wellness Center in Virginia Beach, VA. and offers her specialties to clients by private appointment in The BodyZone office or by telephone. Jennette’s clients span across the United States from coast to coast. Beginning in Spring 2010, Jennette will be begin offering group tele-classes on energy healing and self care through Motivational Whisperers.

Jennette’s vision was to create a natural wellness center that provided healing for all of our bodies (physical body, mental body, soul body and energy body). The BodyZone offers energy medicine/healing, spiritual guidance/healing, hypnosis and therapeutic massage, creating one of the most sought after wellness centers in Virginia.

"We are all connected, yet we are unique expressions, with gifts to share with the world" -Jenn Royster

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  • Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
    Hi Jen! Welcome to Motivational Whisperers! So happy to have you. Feel free to open a forum or blog and get on the front page. I know everyone would love to hear from you.



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