Jason Levitt - Dream Guide, Activational Healer, Motivational Whisperer

Jason Levitt - Dream Guide, Activational Healer, Motivational Whisperer

42 years old
April 09, 1971
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This is a great article about 'not exactly the end of the world' - It's a good, clear explanation of what's predicted for tomorrow! http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2012/14dec_yesterday/


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To me, Dreams are individual events, while The Dreaming is both a complete perspective and a state of consciousness. It encompasses all things empathic, clairvoyant, and intuitive. And yet logic and the intellect are also vital aspects. The unique and remarkable nature of The Dreaming (and thus dreams), is that it crosses the boundaries between the two, enabling each of us to access the creative genius, a complex emotional maturity, inspired by our unleashed passion and balanced by a calm inner stillness. The more you develop your relationship with these subtlities, the more fundamental, and thus lasting, will be the results, rippling throughout each and very area of your life; Your dreaming life, and your waking life as well. This is where True Possibility is discovered, nurtured, harnessed, and partnered with. My Mission is to guide you along a partnership with this; your own untapped potential.

Practical, step-by-step guidance for nurturing your own dream practice, as well as an ongoing invitation to journey with me and the other dreamers, to discover what else might be possible.

What would it be like to be going about your day and suddenly do something that was previously only possible in your dreams? Can you imagine how your entire view of reality might instantaneously shift? What if you were receiving these indications all day long and have been for years? Moon Temple Dreaming is, partially, and inescapably, about waking up to these indicators, and strengthening your daily choice to be conscious and responsive to them.


The more consciousness we’re able to live from, the clearer our understanding of who we are, why we’re making the choices we’re making, where our negative cycles begin and how to break them, and where our positive cycles begin and how to nurture them becomes available to us.

How can working with our dreams contribute, practically, to our daily lives? Developing dreamskills is about developing and nurturing our relationship with our dreaming. Whatever means we employ to achieve this end has our highest interest at heart. This relationship then provides a means to delve deeply into who we are, at every level.

We nurture this relationship for several reasons.

1. It directly improves and expands our memory and intuition.
2. We encounter moments of synchronicity with greater frequency and increase our awareness of synchronicities already present in our lives.
3. Greater attention to our dreams magnifies our inherent self-awareness and the deeper we’re willing to know (i.e. look at) ourselves, the more intimate we become with our personal truths and internally sourced power, since Universal Source is our core.
4. Regular dreamwork supports us as we break through emotional blocks.
5. A healthy dreamlife aids in eliminating nightmares and assists us in getting restful sleep.


"Damn, that is a powerful field of intention you have there. I swear to god, ever since we started talking "dreams" my dream world is almost more vivid and real to me than my waking state! Every night is a full adventure. When I wake up, it takes me a while to figure out which reality is which. Jason, thank you for helping me connect to the deeper meanings of my (repeated) dreams. It is like a major closet in my psyche has been thoroughly cleaned out. Directly after this work, I noticed feelings of lightness, clarity, relaxation and joy. So softly and tenderly you go between worlds, bridging and tracking threads of significance. Great focus, great fun, great intuition. Each morning now, I wake up and delight in the details of the nights affairs. So in awe of the potential for self-discovery and growth from this process and to create reality from dreamtime...well, that will have to be another session. Thanks again for the fun!"
~Lynn Abraham, Property Manager & student of the Luminous Body School of Energy Healing
Santa Cruz, CA

"On a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, I did a Dream Work Session with Jason. I thought I would tell him my dream, get a little feedback, and be on my way. However, the session was much more insightful and revealing than I initially imagined. I found Jason to be very grounded and present, able to hold a very sacred and healing space for deep work to transpire in a very short amount of time. he was able to listen to my dreams, analyze different aspects of (them), and evoke a deeper awareness within myself. he combined his knowledge of dreams and energy work into the session and let me uncover some of the core issues I was processing. Overall, I left the session transformed and elated."
~ Elizabeth Cunningham
Santa Cruz, CA

“I am free and (finally) willing, to be fully present, dropped in & engaged with life in a profoundly REAL way. I have received countless remarks from longtime friends and acquaintances alike, such as "you're very grounded lately. You wear it well”, regarding the very real shifts that have taken place within me. I feel a new found sense of accessibility in relationship to others that goes both ways. I am willing and able to be "seen" & see others as well- to be REAL."
~ Mary Jane
Santa Cruz, CA

"So I was putting the kids to bed this evening, and I was lying next to Zoe but told her to be careful because I pulled a shoulder muscle and was trying not to hurt myself more. She asked if I was going to see my friend tomorrow who makes me better (she knew I was supposed to be in Santa Cruz) -- anyway, I thought you’d enjoy that – I was touched that she made the connection and suggested it. I got home & Xio told me I looked different (which you also said) - so I guess it shows."
~ Michael Hammer-Levhav
Los Gatos, CA

"Jason’s energy work itself is sometimes quiet, sometimes challenging, sometimes filling, sometimes peaceful. With him, I feel safe going to tender places, knowing I will be held, all through the journey. His continued presence, following each session is gentle and full, his words reflecting in wise and honest ways, a mirroring of what he witnessed in the process. It opens the way for deeply empowered and honest inquiry into my own hidden corners. The healing and personal growth I’ve experienced from my work with Jason has been and continues to be a gift. Seek him out if you're ready to love yourself again."
~ Margo Chisolm, life coach, speaker, author and accomplished, global mountain adventurer.

“When I pulled my back out recently, I received some energy work from Jason, promptly after the injury. My experience was of expansion in the injured area and a decrease in inflammation, as well as an increased sense of peace which supported prompt healing. On a follow-up visit, he helped me address a hidden emotional issue that was related to my pain. While the experience was emotionally intense, I could feel instant relief in the area. This relief was lasting. Although I am familiar with energy healing, I confess I was surprised and pleased with they way his work spoke to both physical and energetic wounding and healing. I recommend his work.”
~ Laura Bishop, Owner
Peregrine Strategies

"The first session I had with Jason was incredibly powerful. I was having doubts about committing fully to the I relationship I am in and wondered if maybe my twin flame was out there undiscovered. When we looked deeper, I found that what I really wanted was a deeper connection to my own truth; something I thought the right partner would help me to find. I had a real connection with the core of mother earth, essentially connecting me to myself at the level of essence. The result? Tremendous clarity. creativity, brainstorming and all very concrete and tangible. I can count on Jason to go deep and not back off. Thank you for giving me more than I expected. Playing full out and being present with me. You are living proof that certification is not necessary. Your experience and connection to spirit are your credentials. (that is my story and I'm sticking to it)."
~ Lynetta Avery Denniston
Massage Therapist & Life Coach

"Jason Levitt is able to see right to the core of the person with precision, compassion, linguistic and emotional agility. He speaks directly to new ways of thinking to help people stop destructive patterns and open their eyes to new possibilities."
~ Jennifer Ganz
Licensed and practicing Psychotherapist

Visit us online at moontempledreaming.com or email me at jason@moontempledreaming.com.

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  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    You stopped by and didn't leave us with your brilliant insight on the wall Jason. I miss that and I know how much everyone would love to hear from you.

    I and going to e-mail you about something really wild that is happening to do with my astrology chart.(which I don't know much about)

    It's pretty wild and I trust you will tell me straight up if this is really in my chart as the weirdest thing happened around this and I get the STRONG feeling I should pay attention. :)
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    Thank you for helping yesterday by giving your hope and inspiration to a lost soul!



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