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I am the Phenomenal Lauren G -- Queen of Forgiveness --

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  • Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
    You have been TAGGED Pay it Forward~ Go in Add something in Pay it Forward Marketing. Nothing to add~ have you put in your facebook page? Or what about your services? If not that's okay ...

    share someone's item and then come back out here and tell us on your wall what you shared & where and then you tag someone by hitting the wave button and copying/paste to this exactly to their wall. This way we keep it going and they know what to do. :)
  • Eileen Lichtenstein -  Peak-Performance-Success Coach
    Welcome to our community of Motivational Whisperers, Lauren!
  • Bonnie David
    by Bonnie David 10 months ago
    Yay Lauren! You are here!!!!!
  • Eileen Lichtenstein -  Peak-Performance-Success Coach
    Hi Lauren!

    Happy to get to know you! Welcome to Motivational Whisperers!
  • Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
    Hi Lauren! Welcome to Motivational Whisperers! Make yourself at home and Sandy will send you a welcome packet that will tell how to get started. Look for that. Say hi on your wall this way everyone knows your here.


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