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Nancy Bauser - Disability Life Coaching

Bloomfield Hills, MI
United States
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I assist Trauma Survivors To Reach Beyond Their Limitations And Thrive.

I combine my life experiences as an over 38 year survivor of a severe brain stem injury and Disability Life Coach, with my Social Work education to provide modeling, motivation and support counseling services to those who have experienced trauma & those who support them.

I offer myself as a model for surviving & thriving after catastrophe, because I’ve done it. Not only do I have real world knowledge, but I have academic and professional credentials

I help survivors become invested in recovery, understand personal worth, become aware of strengths and weaknesses, deal with loss, learn problem solving skills, and reach realistic goals.

My web site is: survivoracceptance.com

I have articles on my website available in pdf form.
* My Life Since My Head Injury
* What is Disability LIfe Coaching
* Accept, Survive, Thrive
* Accept, Thrive, Stumble, Continue to Prosper
* Does Anyone Live Free from Suffering and Loss? Is it Worth the Struggle?
* Guidelines for Interviewing, Interacting and Resolving Disputes with those who have Injury/Disability/Illness
* Making Progress, Recovery through Acceptance
* Moving from Catastrophe to Progress, through Acceptance

My Ideal Client is:
Someone who has survived a catastrophe and wishes to reach beyond their current situation and thrive.

What I do that No One Else Does:
I have lived for over 38 year experiencing the triumphs and defeats that accompany living with a trauma. I share my experiences over-coming obstacles freely. It’s easier to reintegrate into society when you are doing it with someone else. I form partnerships with people who are trying to take their place in the mainstream.

"Nancy has designed a 24-session program in which people with brain injuries or other disabilities can explore challenges and limitations with which they are faced and reach an acceptance of their changed life. The guide outlines topics and questions for each session and is an excellent resource for rehabilitation professionals."

~TBI Challenge – A Publication of the Brain Injury Alliance

"Nancy’s book is a well-organized, intelligently tough, but compassionately realistic guide for professionals leading groups of survivors of brain injury and other disabilities. Politically correct victimhood rhetoric is conspicuously absent in her writing. Instead, she gives us a healing breath of fresh air, pure mental-emotional oxygen, for the survivors, their families, and friends."

~Frank Farrelly, ACSW – Professor in the School of Social Work –
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Contact Nancy Bauser:
EMAIL: nancy@survivoracceptance.com

Out of my experiences as a brain injury survivor, I present a step-by-step methodical guide on how to help victims of catastrophe.

Having survived an automobile accident in 1971, I developed a systematic approach for facilitators, social workers, psychologists and rehabilitation personnel to use in order to help victims who have undergone trauma.

Groups help survivors become invested in recovery, understand personal worth, become aware of strengths and weaknesses, deal with loss, learn problem solving skills, and reach realistic goals. RECOVERY IS MAKING PROGRESS is the underlying message of my book "Acceptance Groups for Survivors: A Guide for Facilitators", is available from me survivoracceptance.com and new editions are available from the publisher, Brien Jones: jonesharvest.com
1-877-400-0075 and at Amazon: tinyurl.com/yh5lurc

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  • Nancy Bauser - Disability Life Coaching
    I'm interested in learning if facilitating an Acceptance Group for Trauma Survivors in Motivational Whisperers, is something that the membership wants. It would follow the structure suggested in my book, which is available on my web site. It is my belief that determining if you have experienced a trauma is a personal decision.

    Based on my 38+ years of experiences as a brain injured survivor, I have designed a structured group program to help trauma survivors accept themselves and their new life circumstances.

    Let me know what you think by posting me a message to the Whisperers Wall or send me an email.
  • Nancy Bauser - Disability Life Coaching
    Failure is not an Option!
  • Stevie Mack  - Comedy Empowerment Speaker
    Nancy, I had a great time working with you over the phone, you caught on really fast!
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    Hi Nancy! So happy to have you as part of our family here. Have the best holiday season ever! :-D


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