Melissa Zollo - Imagination, Law of Attraction Mentor, and Imagist

Melissa Zollo - Imagination, Law of Attraction Mentor, and Imagist

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"Once you develop your ability to tap into your deeper mind you will never struggle again." ~ Melissa Zollo


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"Dream Your Finances Into Being: Universal Law of Attraction"
DATE:Wed March 10, 2010
TIME: 8-8:30pm (EST) / 5-5:30pm (PST)
LOCATION: motivationalwhisperers.com/1freeteleclass.html
Hosted by Melissa Zollo - Law of Attraction Mentor






Empowering You to Activate Your Imagination and Dream Your World Into Being!

You are not limited to the life you now live. My goal is to supply you with the best tools and inspire you to achieve the seemingly impossible by learning how to create MENTAL BLUEPRINTS for wealth, success, harmonious relationships and health through the Power of Imagination.

Right now you have tremendous reservoirs of potential within you, therefore you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.



Ready to move beyond your current limitations?

Melissa Zollo offers Audio Programs, Ebooks, Consultations, Travel with Melissa Spa Retreats, Image First Clinics, and Dream Your World into Being Teleseminars on topics that include: Finance, Weight and Relationship Challenges, as well as Cutting Loose From the Ties That Bind.

Thoughts of doubt and fear lead to unhappiness and failure. The Present Memory CD Programs show you how to IMAGE FIRST, choose your thoughts and direct your mind toward a goal you cherish!

With Melissa Zollo as your mentor and the Present Memory programs you will bring the incredible force of your subconscious mind under your direction and you will become a master of circumstance and attract the fulfillment of your dreams.


Suffering from low self-esteem? Harboring anger? Having relationship difficulties? Need more money? Want to learn how to rebuild beliefs and have them become your reality? Or are you searching for greater awareness?


Discover how to make your dreams a reality. Melissa Zollo's revolutionary mind focusing CD programs are based upon Universal Principles. Seamlessing combining the spiritual with the practical, the Present Memory Audio Programs teach you how to:

*Attract Money Now.
*Tap into your confidence and the Miracle Power behind all manifestaion.
*Remove obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goal.
*Charge Yourself with Money Magnetism.
*Create a lifelong blueprint for Infinite riches.
*Experience self-forgiveness and create harmonious friendships.
*Strengthen the bonds of a loving marriage or attract your beloved.
*Enjoy refreshing sleep and use your power for healing minor health ailments

Discover the POWER OF IMAGINATION and remove the blocks standing between you and success. Our CD's are practical guides to wellness of body, mind and spirit. Read Melissa's success stories: tinyurl.com/ykbzwgg

Have a question - call us at 978 806 7966


I bring self-healing to a whole new level because I explain in depth how the manifestation process works in accessible language. People need to understand the exact step by step process by which they create their own reality, whether they believe in God, Cosmic Principles, Imagination, or Consciousness.


I explain all of the Universal Laws of Life including the Law of Attraction and how to apply them to challenges and dreams. I have helped thousands of people determine their goals and build the self-confidence and self-esteem needed to realize their personal and professional dreams .

Whether you need help in believing in your SELF, defining your goals, or building a new wealth, health or success mental blueprint, or support while you break away from old ideas and limited habits, I will show you how to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

When you change your self-image and mental blueprint for money, relationships, health or success, you will begin to attract new results and change your life from within.

Ms Zollo's programs create a major breakthrough in the nature of human consciousness and the art of manifestation. The formula is Activate Your Imagination: One's image + belief + feeling = change.

The Present Memory Audio Programs teach you how to re-program yourself for success as you build new beliefs.
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You become empowered as you tap into your Invisible Power and Believe in Yourself. You benefit because you learn to direct and release the Power Within to attract the fulfillment of your desires. You achieve financial success through the Power of Imagination and Creative Thought.

The Present Memory Audio Programs are 24-hour-a-day self-care and self-counseling mind tools to assist people to "be, think, have, and transform themselves" according to Universal Law.
Success Stories: tinyurl.com/ykbzwgg


"My dream to receive a million dollar research fund has come true! Melissa Zollo's work is producing profound results in all aspects of my life!"

~ Professor Deborah Nightingale
Dept of Aeronautics and Engineering Systems Division
Director, Lean Aerospace Initiative, MIT
Boston, MA

"The Discover the Power of Imagination audio program explains how the mind works - how it processes mental suggestions. It reinforces tangible steps to root out old belief systems and outdated methods of conducting business and suggests ways to plant and foster productive mental seeds."
~ T. Thomassie
HBO Program Specialist

"Ms. Zollo clearly knows and communicates the Laws of Self-Healing. We concur on the patient's responsibility to take an active role in their own healing process."

~ Bernie Siegal, MD, Author of New York Times Best Selling Book:
Love, Medicine and Miracles

“Melissa Zollo’s Power of Imagination audio program is a vitally important body of work. It provides the key to success: the tools to apply the Laws of Attraction and the Healing Law of Imaging to all aspects of your life. Finally! Help is here to create the life you say you really want!”

~ David Riklan, Founder of SelfGrowth.com

"I recently attended a great seminar by Melissa Zollo on "Spiritual Nutrition for Attracting Wealth." I have been using Melissa's Discover the Power of Imagination audio program to hold a health image for myself after being challenged my a diagnosis of cancer this year.

Two days after Melissa's seminar, I received joyous news! My biopsy report came back and it was negative...the cancer is gone! I know the daily use of Melissa's audio program was a major factor in my healing. They helped me keep a positive attitude as well as a determination to heal."

~ Patrick Cox
Business Development Consultant, MA

"Melissa Zollo inspires people to tackle some of their most challenging issues – food, relationships, finance, success, and family. Equally important, she gives them practical tools, such as Discover the Power of Imagination and How to Unleash the Power Within CD programs, to bring about the lasting changes they envision for themselves.

I have seen the power of Melissa's approach achieve results both in my own work as an acupuncturist and in the lives of several of my patients who also work with Ms. Zollo."

~ Merry Gerard, Governing Board Chairperson Academy of Five Element Acupuncture- Hallandale, Florida


Phone: (212) 929-5962
Office Hours: 10AM - 4pm Eastern Time, Mon-Thursday
Email: image@presentmemory.com


Melissa Zollo is a renowned imagist, inspirational speaker, and consultant focused on the Power of Imagination, Consciousness, and the Art of Manifestation.

She teaches people how to use the Universal Laws of Success, and how to face personal and professional challenges by designing successful blueprints and beliefs. Melissa explains how to take full and systematic control of inner resources; how to "image" to increase self-confidence and a sense of worth; and how to achieve success and the fulfillment of personal dreams.

Her clear voice, vision, and wisdom have helped people from all walks of life, including Finance, Health, Publishing, Entertainment, and the Arts.

She is an expert on the Imaginal Dynamic, the Power of Imagination, and How to Apply All the Universal Laws of Life. Melissa can identify your mental blueprint, and explain how your past memory and images are influencing your financial, personal and professional life now.

Melissa takes you beyond the limits of everyday thinking and shows you how to Image First. Melissa has earned the reputation as the "How To Lady" and she knows how to help you get the results you want using your imagination, thoughts and feelings!

Ms. Zollo is the creator of the seminar series "Your Invisible Power." As a leading-edge thinker and clear voice in holistic consciousness, she conducts "Dream Your Life into Being" teleseminars about the Imaginal Dynamic. She focuses on the application of Spiritual Principles and the tools for success.

She is also the author of several highly successful audio programs: "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation," “How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money," and “Melissa’s Secrets on the Law of Vibration” Her eBooks include 3 volumes of "Daily Appetizers for Making Life a Feast."

Melissa is fast becoming one of the most listened to authors on personal and professional success and self-empowerment. She has been a featured guest on "Integrative Wellness" WPKN 89.5 FM, as well as on Wealth 4 U in Spirit and is often heard on other nationally broadcast shows.

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  • Cindy Holbrook - Confidence &  Empowerment Coach
    Hi Melissa,

    Happy to hear you "loved the Einstein Quote" posted on "Quote of the Day". I have learned so much by reading your articles and listening to you! The way you describe imaging has brought a whole new meaning to me regarding visualizing my dreams.

    Have a great day!!!
  • Lorna Blake - Assertiveness Training Coach
    Hi Melissa, I wanted to say thank you for the powerful ideas you shared last week on the Joy Talk radio show! I listened in and came away with your suggestion of seeing my money channels opening up. I'd had a situation for several months where money was being 'held up' for me. Well great news! I received a call today from a government office letting me know that the money is coming through by Friday of this week! Thanks so much for helping me live with the vision of seeing my money channels opening! It really works!
  • Lorna Blake - Assertiveness Training Coach
    Hi Melissa,
    I'm very inspired by the work you do! I've just signed up for your newsletter. Can't wait to learn more...
  • Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
    Hi Melissa!

    I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful person and sharing so much! You really made the call! I love it and am so glad you are part of the team. You rocked it!

  • Stevie Mack  - Comedy Empowerment Speaker
    I Had a great time speaking with you yesterday! Your page is shaping up and looks good.


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