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  • Barb Conelli, PhD - Money Coach & Business Mentor
    Hi Dawn! It's great to be back! I look forward to the welcome package and to connecting with other members. Have a Boldly Brilliant Day! :)
  • Jodi Chapman  - Inspirational Author
    Thank you for your sweet comment, Dawn! You are always such a bright light! I hope you have a wonderful night! Sending you love!!!
  • Bonnie David
    by Bonnie David 10 months ago
    Good Morning Dawn ... wishing you a joyous day ... just letting you know that attending monthly motivational and brainstorming calls is inconvenient for me due to my living and financial circumstances ... I would have to get my mother's calling card, which is funded by my sister ... and don't feel good doing this all the time when it adds more to the tension ... being on Disability Income of $531 and being financially crunched makes it challenging enough for me to even cover my pending dues just my basic expenses ... yes I created this reality buy my point is that I can attend free webinars ... and if you ever have skype conferences where I can join the call without buying credit ... or organize other formats that helps me attend them from the privacy of my own home ... Thank You for understanding ... will attend Eva's Webinar this evening and hope to receive my FREE gifts from the experts soon ... however they will be arranged ... much LOVE ....
  • Cynthia Bazin- Inspirational Specialist
    Happy Saturday Dawn! I am so excited to be on here. Thanks for the invite and I look forward to everything this site offers. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
  • Bonnie David
    by Bonnie David 10 months ago
    Eva received her coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute and has had further training with CoachU and Corporate CoachU. Past President of the International Coach Federation (ICF) ... so I was correct when I mentioned ICF in the brainstorming call ...
  • Lauren Reliford- Personal Development
    Thanks for welcoming me to the site. I look forward to the connection and learning more about the site.
  • Jacqueline Stone-Expanding Joy and Awareness
    Thank you, Dawn! You know I love the Pay it Forward philosophy. Supporting others not only feels wonderful, it opens us to receive as well. Eckart Tolle said in A New Earth, "What you're not receiving is what you're not giving."
  • Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
    I just shared on twitter. from Pay it Forward > Spiritual Attunements to Re-Align with Your True Self
    Jacqueline Stone-Expanding Joy and Awareness
  • Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
    Hi Pam! You will love it here we are always doing something amazing. If you follow the success plan that you will get today you'll see how the top coach's grow their business to offer value while they make money here and a lot of it.

    We have our monthly motivational Call later this afternoon early evening on the east coast with Motivational Whisperer & Hypnosis Guru Linda Simmon. She's great & we are all getting the steps to breaking a limiting belief that is causing us pain. hypothesis.

    You have to go. To get the call-in info and reminder hit attending in the event. I will invite you this way you know where it is. :)
  • Pamela Higgins-Health Coach
    Thanks for the warm welcome Dawn! I look forward to sharing with this wonderful community!
    Be well,