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Top Seven Business Success Factors Every Start-up Needs

Published by: Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert on 3rd Jun 2012 | View all blogs by Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert

Business Success Factors How To Make Your Dreams Come TrueSuccess Factors   is one of the best feelings you can have.  I discovered early on there is nothing in this life you cannot have if you really want it and are willing to go after it.     The Key word here is GO it is the word that gets you moving.   Action is what takes your dreams and turns them into reality.   


Business Success Factors Your New Business Must Have


1. Focus, do not take your eye off the ball. Stay on track and see it through. There are critical points to any new business or venture if you start strong and then stop so will the business.  

When I say focus, I mean laser focus on one aspect of your business at a time. Once you have completed one segment go on to the next.  Do not worry about anyone else.  
It is critical that you do not start to second-guess yourself based on fear.  If you have done, your homework and you know you have a great business concept concentrate  on getting it up and running.


2. Persistence,   If your plans are not succeeding then revise them. Do something atypical to shake it up.  Giving up too soon is the prime reason small business have such a small success rate. I have seen many people do that right before they were about to see their hard work pay off. 

Before you start, any type of major commitment like a new business ask yourself I am in this for the long haul?  If the answer is anything but a resounding YES, do not waste your time.  You are not ready to be a business owner, most people have no idea what owning your own   business entails.  It is a serious commitment that you want to look at the same way you would look at getting married.  You do not take that on in the blink of an eye; the same thing goes for opening a business.

3. Patience, do not expect to see profits the first year. It can happen but do not use that as a way to measure your success.  Set realist goals and you will get little pay offs all along the way.  

4. Surround yourself with winners.  Make sure you are surrounding  yourself with people that have a optimistic mindset and are living their dreams.  The more positive encouragement you get the more likely you are to succeed.

 It is true that we are all made up of energy and energy has a density that can be experienced.  If you are spending time with someone, his or her energy is contagious literally.  People can either lift you higher or pull you down.   The minute you realize that your work environment is contaminated with damaging energy you need to let that person go.  


 5.  Time Management, do not spend your precious time doing
tasks that you can easily delegate.   Make a list of all the things you can have someone else do.  Then make a list of all the things that you like to do and a list of the things only you can do.  From those three lists, you will have at least one-maybe two job descriptions.  These are the tasks you want your assistant(s) to complete. 

Do not hold on to things because you think no one else will do them the same way you do.  That may be true although you are only one person and if you delegate the items that you do not like and you are not good at you will have time to continue to focus on the things that you do best.



6. Think Outside the Box.  Come up with creative ways to introduce your business to potential and existing clients.   If you want to keep up in today's fast paced world of new and innovative ways to market and promote your company you are going to have to stand out.    

Same thing with new products and services you want to think of easy solutions that are effective for your clients that no one else is doing.  That is the only way to become a leader in your industry.  You have to get there first and continue to do that at a high level in order to be considered one of the best.


7. Smart Hiring Decisions, Hiring the wrong people will end up destroying your business before it gets off the ground.  Do not over hire start out slow and hire as you begin to grow. You can put yourself out of business by hiring too many employees. Take your time and make your decisions based on references, interview and their follow up.  If they do not follow up that could be a sign that you have an uninterested candidate.


Follow your intuition if something tells you not to hire that person listen.  If you did make a mistake and hire the wrong fit for your company let them go as soon as you realize your mistake.  One bad apple can ruin the whole batch.   




Don't ever give up achieving your dreams and goals you have them for a reason.


I wish for you all the success and happiness the universe has to offer.


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