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The 7 Deadly Mistakes That Will Kill Your Business

Published by: Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer on 14th Aug 2012 | View all blogs by Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer

Are you wondering why you're you business isn't reaching all those lofty goals you set? Once Upon Time  
 you had a wish for your business.  You were excited motiviated and above all you believed in your dream.   Are you thinking that wishes are just meant to stay that way, a wish?  That couldn't be further from the truth.  Which one of these wish killers are you guilty of committing?   howtomakeyourwishcometrue.jpg

  How to Grow Your Buiness & Stay Away From the Wish & Dream Killer Mistakes

1. You don't believe it.   How many times have you made a wish thinking it is only a wish and wishes don't really come true? Maybe other people get their wish but not me.  That may be the reason your wish is not coming true, you do not believe it will happen.

2.   There is no deadline on your wish.  Always put a deadline on a dream or wish.  This action is the beginning of turning your wish into a reality.  It is a way of keeping you focused and on track.  No deadline No Manifestation. 

3.  There is no action plan.  Once you have a wish you want to make a plan of action that has you starting that day.  It's important to start while you are motivated.  Even if you do one small step towards making your wish come true that is a step in the right direction.

4. Your making it more complicated than it has to be.  Most of us grew up with the idea that the harder the better.  Anything easy is not worth going after.  Because of this we make things more difficult then they really are.  The acronym KISS means, keep it simple stupid I replace stupid with smart-one.   You get the idea. Less is more.  Don't over think it just start and it will come together. 

5.  Holding on to self- limiting beliefs.  The big excuses are a deal killer every time.  This may sound familiar: You have to have money to make money.  There are hundreds of ways to generate money for a project.  One way is to involve a key influencer in your niche and suggest a joint venture.  Get backers for your business the list goes on and on.  Whatever you limiting belief is this is not the time to play that tape.  Your tape needs to say I can do anything I set my mind to and watch me go.

6.    Time is a big one. Not allowing enough time to complete it.  If you set a deadline because you need to make money by that time you are setting yourself up for failure.  If your wish is about starting a new business you need plenty of time.  If you don't have the income to devote eight hours a day you can work part time or flex time to fund your business.  Realize that you need more time since you may only devote ten hours a week to getting your business started.

Make sure you use those ten hours wisely.  If you make them count you can accomplish the important elements that will set in place a strong foundation.  Have a end date where you will quit your job and become a full time business owner.  Without that date you can spin your wheels for years. 

7.  Giving up.  This is one sure way to kill a wish.  I see this wish killer the most.   The reason, usually one of the six steps preceding this was skipped.  The wish is not realized and people give up.  They give up their dream because they think it isn't attainable.  That isn't the case, anything is attainable, and you wouldn't have the dream in the first place if you didn't have the ability to take it all the way to success. 


To sum it up, give your wish a deadline, write down the top three things you can do every day to make that wish a reality.  Always start with the most important thing that moves you closer to your wish and break it into small easy steps that are attainable  this way you don't resist starting each day.

Partner with someone who has the side of the equation you don't have, like a active list of at least 3,000 people.   If you have something to offer that the other business partner needs that will make a winning venture.  Don't get discouraged if the first couple of tries don't get the results you had hoped for.  You will get there in time however, don't even think about  giving up that is the only way your business dream won't come true. 



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