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The 12 Hottest Business Marketing Strategies The Top Experts Use

Published by: Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer on 18th Sep 2012 | View all blogs by Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer


Business Marketing  Strategies That Increase Your Bottom Line 

Business Marketing Strategy: What quality do you have that if people found out they would pay triple your fee? Build your brand around that one thing.  Don't worry about what someone else is doing you need to do what YOU do better than anyone. 

Always lead with your undeniable hands down top  benefit.   When you do that your clients ears perk up.  The whole experience will change once you have your clients attention.  You will never get the cleint if you don't understand what makes your brand amazing. 



2.  Business Marketing Strategy:  Look at your business from your client's perspective... what do they need that you offer or can offer?  One way to go about this if your apart of that market,make a list of all the things you needed help with.  (If you do not know who your target  martket is that comes first.)  From that list choose the best one you feel can offer in a unique and stand out way and use that in your marketing.  Don't try to sell twenty services to your client at once.  Have one objective at a time.  

Now offer that to your clients in a way that you would hear it. Don't sell it, don't scream it and don't push it on them.  Find other ways to get your message across.  One way if your trying to reach your social networking contacts would be  get to know them personally without selling or offering them a thing.  Be very interested in them and in turn they will become interested back in you,  and what you do.  If they need or want what you offer and your their friend they will buy it from you.  


3.  Business Marketing Strategy:  Sometimes, we need to ask for help in achieving our goals and that is when the Success Really kicks in. You can only go so far alone.  Find other experts that have influence in your niche and partner with them on an event, class or project. 

You will get exposure to a larger audience that otherwise would have never discovered you.  When you show that other influencers want to partner with you that is the best testimonial you can have. Birds of a feather flock together.  Make sure you have a couple of those birds around. 

4.  Business Marketing Strategy:   Another  great way to kick start your business ask someone who is already established if you can intern with him or her. Offer to help them out with an up coming webinar   in turn you will have an inside look at how to make a business successful. You will  gain valuable information you otherwise would not learn for years sometimes never. You will meet new contacts that regard you in the same manner they do the expert your partnering with. 



5.  Business Marketing Strategy:    A good marketing plan sets your mind at ease & your body in motion, it removes confusion so you can concentrate on getting the job done.  This is the number one thing that 90% of all small business owners are overlooking.  If you want success you need a plan and a direction.  You do not need a two-inch thick business plan. Start out with one or two pages that is all you need to get going.    Keep it simple and focused. 


6.   Business Marketing Strategy:  Your Offer should always have a money back guarantee right up front. Remove the risk, the stronger the guarantee the better.  Make it easy and quick to get started with your company and you will see a 40%+ increase in business.


 The Better the gaurantee the more business you will get.  The best offer is: 100%, money back gaurantee  no questions asked.
If you implement that you will see the percentage of your sales go up higher than any other gaurantee you can offer. 

You have now taken away all the risk. Don't give people a reason to hesitate make it a no brainer.   You will see your business increase if your 100% guarantee is right next to your call to action. When you put a limit such as 30 days 60 days 90 days,  it won't work as well as the gaurantee of no time limit but it will make a difference.  The higher the number of days you give your client the higher the conversion rate will be.




7.  Business Marketing Strategy:   Look for the opportunities in every person you meet & in every situation, you encounter. Soon you will realize there are miracles all around you.  

When in business alone look for like-minded groups to collaborate with where you will come away with new creative ideas. The best way to go about this is to join groups or communities that have like-minded professionals in your niche.   These groups and communities usually have programs set up where everyone is helping each other get the word out about their businesses.     


8.  Business Marketing Strategy:  Instead of Talking Get Creative and SHOW People, What You Offer.  Let them see your work.  You can use video, e-books, webinars, whitepapers, blogs, podcasts, radio and TV interviews slide share, apps that you design yourself and Power Point Presentations to name a few.  



9.  Business Marketing Strategy:   Successful people are NOT successful because they know how to stay on track.  Rather they know how to get back on track no matter how far off course they may get.


10.   Business Marketing Strategy:   Great solid Content does make a difference.  Anyone can repeat common knowledge you want to bring your personality and expertise to the game.  You do that by having a strong point of view.  You want to stand out and that means taking a risk by showing something you do that others are not doing.


You want to post to facebook and Google+ so you get the extra credibility factor.  When someone hits the Facebook likes it make a difference by telling the search engines that your article is popular.  Google is paying attention to that. Make sure we all share each other's great content on facebook and twitter.  Facebook-shares-influence-Google-rankings



11.   Business Marketing Strategy:    When you want to promote your services DO NOT change your voice keep it real. You do not want to sound like an advertisement.  We all have automatic filters when it comes to outright selling or promoting. The high majority of people will never hear a word. That is why old fashion promoting was so difficult.  I never liked it and always found a way to get around that. The best way to approach someone is in the same voice you use when talking to your best friend over lunch.    

12.   Business Marketing Strategy:   Did you put your class or product in Pay it Forward Marketing? That is how other people market your classes, products, services & facebook pages. Do not forget that... it is HUGE. Pay it forward today and make someone's life just that much brighter. Tomorrow someone will do the same for you. :)

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