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How to Get Clients Without Selling 9 Business Internet Marketing Solutions

Published by: Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert on 6th Sep 2012 | View all blogs by Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert


I am going to revel to some of my innovative techniques that take a simple concept and by changing one or two aspects you can see your Internet marketing pay off and your business will turn around in no time.


If you are confused by all the hype over how to get business, using social media without selling you are not alone. 


 Are you constantly feeling bombarded with all the stats about facebook LinkedIn, and Twitter? Are you wondering why you are the only person on the planet that does not understand how to turn your social contacts into customers? What happens if you do not blog?



One of the most crucial factors in today's social media era is the ability to engage with your website visitors and social media contacts, which is the beginning of a successful business client relationship. The bottom line is connect engage connect.   How many times have you heard this? Who has that kind of time is what most people want to know.


 How do you get to know all the people you meet on social networks when you have a limited amount of time and  a overwhelming number of contacts that are growing daily?    


How do you separate yourself from the pack and build a solid relationship that is beneficial for everyone involved?  These are the questions you need a solution for in order for your online business to produce big dollars, or any dollars for that matter. 


E-mail marketing is one way you can build trust by showing what you have to offer if done correctly. It is still a viable way to build relationships with your social media connections.  How do you get your connections and visitors to opt in to your list?  One way to start is by making your newsletter sound like a million dollar lottery ticket instead of another piece of junk mail that is going to clog up their e-mail.   

                                 Business Internet Marketing Solutions  

1. Give your newsletter a different name that is more appealing but adequately explains what the benefit is if they get your e-mail. It is important to deliver what you are promising otherwise it will not work once they do sign up.  I decided about a year ago to ditch the long newsletter format.  I do not have the time anymore to get out a mini magazine every couple of weeks. 

I now have an e-mail VIP success tip for my high-level clients.  I give it as part of a gift because it is a gift.  Every time I send it, I give away valuable information that is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  If they paid my hourly fee they would get a bill somewhere between $750.00 and $1200.00 for most of the valuable information I give away in those e-mails. 


I make sure my readers know they are getting a privilege and the tips and methods I give to them are not the typical information that is going around the Internet. I keep it unique interesting and valuable.    


2. Visibility is vital; you need to get your e-mail offer out to as many people as possible.  On your website it should be on every page or easily seen from every page.  Make it easy for people to sign up.  If you only have it in the third column of your website to the far, right that is not the ultimate position.  You can put it there but also put it in the main section of the page.  Have it as the only thing you present to your readers this way you will see a much higher opt in rate.  People like to know what to do next when they visit a web site but if you ask them to do too many things; they end up doing nothing at all.


3.   The words you use to get people to sign up for your newsletter is key. Point out the value your readers get from opting into your list.  While you are at it show them your list is all the rage.  If you have an impressive list of at least 5000 or more people tell your audience that they are in good company with your growing list of 5,000 + readers. 


If you are just getting started, then you do not have to mention that yet but once you get past the 200-mark start saying you can join my list with hundreds of other readers.  Once you pass a thousand you can say thousands.  Most people do not want to be the only one not privy to your valuable marketing secrets. 


4.  Entice your audience with an offer they cannot refuse.  This means you need to know what your audience is looking for from you.  They will want a problem solved and it is up to you to find out what.  You can give away the solution in a report, an MP3 recording of a class or an interview you did.  It can be an e-book or white paper about how to increase your website visitors, something that they will jump at.  



Do not make the mistake of thinking this is a free give away therefore it does not have to be great.  Incorrect it has to be excellent, that is your audition and if you nail it the odds of them buying something from you goes up 60%.  When people know what to expect and  they see the value your service or product provides that builds their trust in you.    The great news is you will have a new friend and a client for life if you go about it sincerely. The two most significant aspects are Trust and Need first time buyers must trust you and if they don't need what your offering that would be very  to feel.

5.  Once they sign up be sure you keep to your word.  If you say, you will e-mail them with a great tip.  Make it the best tip you can think of.  Do not hold back, the idea is when they see your e-mail they will know it is going to have value and they will always open it.




6.  You want to come up with an enticing subject line so your newsletter gets open and read.   You want to peak their curiosity.  Do not give away the punch line make them click on the link to get it.  Example of an enticing subject line:  "Wait until you hear about this... "   Or "Did you know that marketing is changing wait until you hear how that affects your bottom line."   Do not say find out how to Market with your e-zine.  You are competing with hundreds of e-mails your subject line must POP.

7.  Don't give a hard pitch in your e-mail the idea is to get them to go to your website and let your excellent content do its job.   Give them a reason to go to your web site that way they get to see more of what you offer and read other engaging quality content you have written.  One way to go about that is start something that says to finish reading on my site click here.




8.  Don't forget to make your e-mail personal as if you were writing it to one of your best friends.  Share with them and let them experience your personality while you SHOW them what you know and how that can take them to a much higher place in life.   The idea here is show them through great content and how to tips, not an ad that talks about how great you are.  That very rarely works.




9.  Building your list by collaborating with other professionals in your industry the next time you do a workshop or event. You can both benefit from being introduced to each other's contacts.    Another way is use your social media sites to get out the word.




The best way to get people to sign up for your list on social media is to offer your free gift.  Example:  Get my free millionaire mindset mp3 and with a success weekly tip.  Do not say sign up for my newsletter. You might as well have said jump out of a plane.  That is how well that will go over.  Be consistent and over time as your list will grow, you will see how these internet marketing solutions I shared with you today work like a charm.


                                Business Internet Marketing Solutions 

To re-cap you want to grow your list by naming it something that is enticing to your target audience. Make sure people know about and can see the opt-in page. Keep your promises; deliver excellent content consistently while using a personal touch. Make sure your subject lines are irresistible.  Take your reader to your web site where they can get more of your great content and get to know what you offer. Above all, have fun and enjoy what you are doing.    

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  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    I am happy I took out 5 mininutes to read your post. I would have never thought of these tips to build your list. A great use of five minutes it was Brilliant. I hope everyone here has a chance to read this.
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    Thanks Sandy I offer my unique strategies for shaking it up and increasing your business and list. This increased my list by 88% which in turn resulted in a 41% increase in business.
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