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How to Make Your Wish Come True
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Motivational Whisperers Weekly Life Changer Facebook Hour

Calling all life Changers we need you to be you and share with as many people as possible to join us in changing the energy vibration from lack to abundance from fear to love and from I can't to I can!

Anything is possible!

"Motivational Whisperers Lunchtime Life Changer 45min."

Held every Tuesday at Noon Pacific time 3:00PM Eastern

The LifeChanger is about changing lives by the minute.

Right now, it is on our Facebook page although it goes to Twitter and LinkedIn as well. I didn't plan it like that it happened that way and so has many other amazing things about this revolution.

It all just happens... or does it...

This community is about giving and inspiring people to be the best they can be. With that, it is important that the experts and leaders who are guiding other people walk the way we talk.

Life changer is where we can do that and go through the process ourselves as we share with our peers and friends how we make our dreams and wishes come true.

Feel free to add your wisdom, love and inspiration by showing up and chatting with us.

Lifechanger on Tweetchat.com we reach over 300,000 people each week.

Yes, Life changer is changing and it's changing because it's changing me. I am not trying to control this or make it something it's not. I was doing that, I tried that but it wasn't working.

I stopped and just stopped and let the message come through and when I did, I saw the most incredible vision. It was about my purpose on this plant at this time in my life and how I can be one of the people that guide you to find your purpose so you can guide others to find theirs.

Ever since I tapped into what the universe was trying to tell me I have seen clearly, what this "really" is and it's not up to me to decide who is a part of it. It's up to me to put it out there and the people who are supposed to be a part of it will know.

This will go on every Tuesday until it ends that can be in one month or one year or two years or never. It is what it turns out to be and that is beauty. If you do what is real and you go outside your comfort zone to get there you will have a true-life changing experience of the best kind.

If you see this, it's because this message is for you. If you don't you won't know you didn't see it and I rest my case. :)

Meet us every Tuesday at Noon Pacific Time 3:00 PM Eastern. on Tweetchat.com just sign in with twitter and you won't have to include the hash tag tweetchat does it for you.

That is it all you have to do is show up. There is no cost there are no rules the only thing you have to do is commit to you that you will give making your wish come true your priority and make Tuesdays the day you get your wish charger and move forward in the direction of making your wish real.

There will be a video and written story here on Motivational Whisperers. It will be Motivational Whisperers facebook page on a tab as well.

The more the merrier. :)

See you soon!
Dawn Abraham

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  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    #Lifechanger on Tweetchat.com today 12 Noon PT 3:00 ET. The topic today how to create abundance and prosperity in your life. If I wasn't working I would go to this one.
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    Get ready for our weekly tweet chat #lifechanger at Noon PT 3:00 PM ET. The topic today is embracing our real inner power. Come on down and chat with us and lets discuss this. Tweetchat.com See you there.
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    Today at Noon #lifechanger on Tweetchat.com Topic Say YES to LIFE. Starts soon... come on down.
  • Eileen Lichtenstein -  Peak-Performance-Success Coach
    I loved tweetchat #lifechanger topic- don't take anything personally - is about the most difficult thing for someone to understand if that is what's happening~
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    Hi Peeps! Its time to be a #Lifechanger Today at Noon Pacific Time 3:00 PM Eastern. on Tweetchat.com The Topic today: How not to take things personal. Your ticket to happiness.
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    #lifechager today at Noon Pacific Time 3:00 PM Eastern is about Giving Yourself a Break "How to be your own best friend." Talk to you there. Tweetchat. com
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    Hello everyone it's lifechanger Tuesday. Noon PT 3:00PM ET. Come on down and chat with us on Tweetchat.com #lifechanger is the hash tag. The topic to day is forgiveness. And why it's so important that you forgive even the biggest sins against you. Talk to you then.
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    Hi Peeps! Yippee! Noon Pacific Tweetchat.com Topic: is How to think outside the box= Creativity=Success #lifechanger Come & Chat with us.
  • Ana Hillis-Re-purposing Specialist.
    Hope everyone can join us for Tweetchat today. We have a great topic it's about Going outside your comfort zone to play a bigger game. Hope you can all join in on the great conversation!
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    There was no lifechanger today due to an unexpected situation. It will resume next week at its regular time. We are sorry for any inconvenience.