Manifesting Your Life's Purpose

Manifesting Your Life's Purpose

Start Living From Your Soul
7th January 2010 10:00AM
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If you're not living your Life Purpose you'll be feeling nudges of uncomfortableness in some form. This can feel like:
• boredom
• stagnation
• dissatisfaction
• frustration
• general irritability

These nudges are messages from your Soul that it's time for you to get you back on your path to fulfilling your Life Purpose. Well, here's some good news:
You already know what your Life Purpose is!!
Before you were brought onto this planet, you set up a Soul Contract in which you agreed what your Life Purpose would be. During your life, your Purpose most likely has become buried under conditioned beliefs, messages from parents, teachers, family, friends, and others, about who and what you should be. Although these messages may have directed you to doing work that is respectable, if you're not experiencing soul satisfaction when you do it, it's not your Life Purpose.
When you begin to live your Life Purpose, you feel excitement, joy, and passion about your life and the work you're doing. These emotions are the guiding messages from your Soul that you're fulfilling your Soul Contract and are living your Life Purpose.
Get ready to live your life on purpose instead of finding yourself in situations that are less than satisfying. Identify what is really valuable to you, and live each day by those values. Begin to understand how the life you live affects you and your loved ones.
International Intuitive Advisor, life coach, speaker, spiritual teacher and author Veronica Drake will take you on a journey to your vey soul, where she helps you develop your purpose. The first step to living your life purpose is to learn how your current life affects you. Is your life serving a purpose or deterring you from finding it? Take what you have, what you’re living and purposefully make your life the one you have longed to live.
• How learned behaviors and unconscious thinking could be creating the opposite of what we say we want.
• How a shift in perspective can help bring enough clarification to make positive life changes.
• Identify your personal set of values and guiding principles by using a step-by-step tool.
• Identify your passion, and then direct it to fulfill your life's purpose. Rid yourself of the disorienting, out-of-sync and unhappy feelings that come when you lack purpose.
• How running day-to-day, month-to-month can drain more than just our energy.
• Why practicing self-care is so critical
• Invite more contentment into your life by purposefully living the life you were born to live.


Veronica Drake is an intuitive who supports people to live their lives on Purpose by connecting them to Divine Inspiration. She motivates clients to explore their spiritual self. In an era when the pursuit of self-improvement often means hiring personal trainers, fad diets, and therapists, she is a spiritual advisor heeding the call of people who seek inner guidance systems to reconnect to their hearts. She works professionally with clients on a soul level. Creating a soul vision, she lovingly supports them to bring about clarity and focus from a soul perspective.

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  • Melissa Zollo - Imagination, Law of Attraction Mentor, and Imagist
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