3 Days to eBook Cash Workshop

3 Days to eBook Cash Workshop

Become a successful author in 72 hours or less!
16th July 2013 02:00AM
Online PDT
This is a public event.


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In this ground-breaking ebook authoring workshop, you'll discover

-the secret formula for writing an ebook in 72 hours or less with just 12 hours or writing time1

-how to do the research to find the best keywords and phrases, topic, and more!

-how to get started quickly and sustain your momentum so you finish your ebook quickly

-how to format and finish your ebook

-the best and fastest ways to start making money with your ebook

Plus, you'll get handouts and templates, a mastermind call where we'll focus on YOUR ebook and help you get ready to write it FAST, as well as personal access to me, Ellen Violette, leading ebook expert, if you decide to join at the Platinum or Platinum Plus level.

For details and to register go to: http://www.3dayebookworkshop.com/main.html

This workshop has turned frustrated writers into successful authors now for the past 8 years and it can do that for you too!

Read the rave reviews and check it out at: http://www.3dayebookworkshop.com/main.html

Become an empowered author!

Ellen Violette
818 9706132

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