eBook-Writing Hot Seat

eBook-Writing Hot Seat

Experience the magic!
11th July 2013 12:00PM
Online PDT
This is a public event.


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If you want to be on the Hot Seat and have me take you through the process of setting up your ebook send an email to ellen@theebookcoach.com with the title of your ebook, the description and you phone number and time zone in case I have any questions.

There's no opt in:
You can join the call here:

Title: eBook Writing HotSeat
Time: Monday, July 15th at 5:30pm Pacific
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
To attend, visit:

Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 791556#

I'll be listening for you!

Hope you can make it, it's an eye-opening experience that will free you of your fears and put you on the path to authoring success!

Ellen Violette

Leading eBook Expert

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