The Prosperity Challenge - No Cost Teleclass

The Prosperity Challenge - No Cost Teleclass

Prosperity is your birthright. Claim it today and let's play!
13th January 2010 11:00AM
Virtual - In the Comfort of Your Own Home or Office
This is a public event.


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REGISTER HERE: http://www.theprosperitygame.com

Everybody is getting fired up for a fresh new year in which to manifest their goals.

We agree that this is a great time of year for that.

We want you to be experiencing fireworks when you think about your prosperity, relationships, health and your moment-to-moment experiences. You deserve to be LIT UP about your life.

You are on the cusp of manifesting your big fat desires. In fact, most of the details are already falling into place even if you’ve seen no evidence of them!

Breakthroughs abound. Are you looking for one when it comes to manifesting easier? More consistently? Getting the things that have eluded you up until now?

Join us, Jeanna and me, at NO COST, for The Prosperity Challenge. Learn how to create prosperity consistently. It’s Wednesday, Jan. 13th at 11am PT / 2pm ET.

REGISTER HERE: http://www.theprosperitygame.com

Get fired up about making your desired manifestations real in 2010!

Serving up prosperity,
Eva & Jeanna

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5 Attendees...

  • Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
  • James Rutnam - Motivational Whisperers VP, Website Designer
  • Stevie Mack  - Comedy Empowerment Speaker
  • Veronica  Drake -Relationship Coach
  • Trish  Marquis - Customer Relations Manager - Staff

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  • Gabriela Falcon - Enlightened Reiki Master
  • Robin Richardson - Akashic Records, Intuitive and  Spiritual Consultant

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