The Day My Soul Broke Soul ~

The Day My Soul Broke Soul ~

This is the century of the Intuitive Woman. 7pm ET
18th January 2010 07:00PM
SKYPE (veronica.drake)
This is a public event.


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It seems to come in twenty year increments that we as women make amazing strides throughout history. From the 1900’s right up to today we are evolving and transforming our lives. This is the century of the Intuitive Woman. She stands proud, and confident in who she is and what she came here to accomplish. It’s time to break out and begin living from our Souls!

"Devoid of meaning, they are simply doing, from the deepest spurs of their being what they are impelled to do every summer. And so, dear sorrow, are you." ~Mary Oliver

Are you doing what you came here to do?

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  • Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
  • Veronica  Drake -Relationship Coach
  • Eileen Lichtenstein -  Peak-Performance-Success Coach
  • Cindy Holbrook - Confidence &  Empowerment Coach
  • Gabriela Falcon - Enlightened Reiki Master
  • Melissa Zollo - Imagination, Law of Attraction Mentor, and Imagist
  • Robin Richardson - Akashic Records, Intuitive and  Spiritual Consultant
  • Hilary Brooks - Motivational Whisperers Customer Service
  • Trish  Marquis - Customer Relations Manager - Staff
  • Pamela Buxton - Transformational Coaching

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  • Eva Gregory - America's Divine Guidance Coach and Law of Attraction Expert

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