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Here at Motivational Whisperers we bring all of the members out into the center of the action where you can shine your light.  We have 20 years experience and the platform that puts you in the public eye.  We are in the business of making dreams come TRUE. 


At Motivational Whisperers, Anything Is Possible.  If You Can Dream It Then We  Can Assist You In Achieving It.


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We are a heart centered community that caters to:  


Life Coaches, Motivational Speakers, Self Help Teachers, Business Coaches, Health Instructors, Therapists, Weight-loss Coaches, Spiritual Coaches, Success Coaches, NLP Experts, EFT Professionals, Marketing Consultants, Social Media consultants, Sales Coaches, Color Experts, Hypnosis Specialists, Branding Experts  and the list goes on and on.

So many wonderful talented people out there are kept a secret. All of that changes once you become a part of Motivational Whisperers.

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I created Motivational Whisperers based on the needs of my clients who consisted of Life Coaches and Small business owners in the Self Improvement and Social Media Industry. I had and still do have a motivational web site called Qualified Life Coach.Com, that motivates and inspires people to be the best they can be.


As time went on I realized there was a need for more than just a motivational site for people, there was a need for a motivational site for the motivators.  Who is Dawn Abraham.


We are now  one of the leaders in online marketing and networking for Life Coaches, Self Improvement & Social Media  industry. There is nothing else quite like it. As you will see it has everything you need to  move your business to the level of success you desire. 



Motivational Whisperers are changing the way solo-preneurs do business. You no longer have to feel you are in this alone. We are literally your business partner and this is your web site too. We all need support and direction when we decide to go into business for ourselves



Here at Motivational Whisperers you get more than support you get direction meaning and a Success Plan.  We have Brand Strategy assessments to ensure you stand out from the crowd. We get you out in the spot light and show you the key to developing a strong loyal customer base that values what you offer. Together with Product and book development, we cover every major aspect of your business to ensure you are positioned for success.  When you join Motivational Whisperers, You Are Glad Your No Longer in Business Alone. 


Changing Live's by the Minute.



As the first social media site that does the important marketing with you, we have created a web site that has over 100,000 monthly visits to the blog and over 34,000 newsletter subscribers.  As a member, you have your own personal blog on our site that includes its own unique RSS Feed and access to submit your blog posts to the main blog.  Giving you the exposure necessary to grow a successful business.


We have expanded over the years and now offer classes, webinars and groups that meet the demands of busy entrepreneurs who need to keep up with the fast pace of the Internet without killing themselves.  We offer opportunities for JV partnerships with Motivational Whisperers and other top experts on the site.


We support you and guide you in growing your businesses the smart way by using laser focus on what is important instead of trying to do too many things yourself you end up burned out and ready to quit.   



How to become a Motivational Whisperer


You are here and everything happens for a reason.  Join us and experience how being a part of Motivational Whisperers means less stress and more time and money to have a life. Now you can experience what it's like to be apart of a group of talented inspired and successful small business owners that support and work together for the greater good. We are a heart inspired community that cares about your business and quality of life.  Find out for yourself it takes a minute to start today with our Free Membership.   





Some of the Amazing Benefits You Get at Motivational Whisperers


We put our experts on out in front on the homepage where you get between 9,000- 12,000 hits a day. 

·         Get Brand and Expert Exposure         

·         Get informed with our up-dates Groups calls and Webinars

·         Get our Help Filling Your Events and Workshops                                            

·         Get List Building Techniques that Work like Charm.

·         How to Make Passive Income.

·         How to Create a Memorable Brand  That Puts You on Top of People's      Minds.

·         How to take your content & turn it into a products and e-books with little to no cost.

·         Weekly Marketing Tips That you can apply today.

·         Work with other Successful Entrepreneurs & Get Ideas How to Make More Money.

·         Monthly Success  Calls. 

·         Networking with Experts in your Industry .

·         Get Your Own Personal Blogs/RSS Feeds.

·         You Get to Participate in our Highly Publicized Events.

·         Get Your Own Group That is Designed To Build Your Client Base.

·         Add your Videos to your Profile, your Group or Blog Post.

·         You can have a professional audio greeting on your profile or add your radio shows.

·         Up Load Your PDF's for our members to download.

·         Get Exposure on our Popular Weekly Motivational Radio Show.


We offer a multitude of services, classes, Master Mind Groups Joint Venture opportunities, Free Pay it Forward Marketing and an Internet TV channel where our expert's host their own TV show.


Home of the Popular Millionaire Mind Set 10 Day Event. Featuring Motivational Whisperers Experts.  Life Changer is now going on now.   Weekly on Tweetchat.com  Chatting about life changing topics weekly making a difference. Sharing their authentic process in making their dreams come TRUE with you.  Join us for a chat that just may change your life as well.  




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